S/V Hello World's Travel Log


My industry -programming- is fairly young and largely void of tradition. We don't get tatoos. There's no ceremony to be performed when you've written code on both sides of the equator. We don't smash champagne bottles on brand new database servers before plugging them into the rack.

That being said, one notable tradition stands out. This tradition dates back to the early 70's in a tutorial on the programming language B. When learning (or teaching) a new programming language, the first thing you do is write a small snippet of code that outputs a simple message to the screen. When you run your code and receive the message output to the screen, you know that the basic elements of the environment you're working in is setup correctly. You can then move on to more esoteric and frustrating problems to troubleshoot. The contents of that message is always the same:

hello world!


McKenzie said...

YES, I am the first to post a comment!!!

First, that is a ridiculously cute picture of the two of you.

Second, what's with the coordinates at the end of the post...is this your location at the time of post? Can this be connected to a map?

Jason said...

Congratulations, you win a prize as first commenter! You win a no-expense-paid Thanksgiving vacation in a cabin in southern Washington.

Awwww, thanks. I spent all weekend airbrushing that photo.

Re: coordinates. Hmmmm.... Who knows?

Anonymous said...


Jason said...

public class Main {
public static void main(String[] args) {
System.out.println("Hey Ben, thanks for the rum!");

Kimber said...

I second the "ridiculously cute picture of you two" comment. Freakin adorable.

Anonymous said...

Great name, and hello from S/V Nomadness (currently anchored in Port Hadlock... see nomadness.com/blog for the tales of nautical geekery).

Fair winds!

Jason said...

Hey Steve, thanks for stopping by! Also - great name.