S/V Hello World's Travel Log

Hello J28, Hello World!!!

We finally got our permanent slip at Shilshole! Woohoo! J28 baby! Come on down!

Well, come down on Thursday when we get back from stepping the mast...

I'm quite happy to be in J dock - both because of the really fun and interesting people we've met as neighbors, but also because of my affinity for the letter "J". Though it's been screwing me up lately because I sailed on a J24, J35 and a J105...so remembering this other J number is proving to be a bit challenging. Nonetheless, I still manage to find the boat every time I walk down the dock. Though it might not be so easy once we get the mast on...

We really are loving the slip. We have a great neighbor who's in this AMAZING 50's build wooden boat that just came out of restoration. Good news? It's got about a 5 foot beam, so we have PLENTY of space to dock. The bad news? It's about the most beautiful boat I've ever seen and we would crush it like a bug if we hit it. Fortunately, they're off sailing for a few weeks so we have some time to practice docking with no bug squishing.

The rest of the neighborhood is equally as fun. We're docked across from a guy that bought a 50 foot sailboat for his first ever boat, so we're feeling like 40 is nothing. We've got circumnavigators down the way and friends practically across the fairway. I don't know why I was worried about moving out of the houseboat - this place is going to be a blast.

47°40'37.25"N 122°24'38.06"W

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