S/V Hello World's Travel Log


Christy's birthday was Friday and we threw down a party for her. Loads of folks came over to pre-func on the boat before heading over to the Lockspot for some libations and frivolity. As usual, these pics were taken by Ben and Gina.

Ben got Christy a human skull filled with vodka. Just how we like our vodka!

Kim got her this great Old Man and the Sea hat.

The party then traveled to the Lockspot Cafe, where Ken V. kept buying everyone rounds of some mysterious shot he likes to call "Crack in the Earth". Christy likes to call them "Hangover Makers".

Gina likes her Crack In The Earth stirred, not ... umm... not un-stirred.

Fisher recoiling at Ken's description of "how big".

Aileen cannot get enough of "boat" talk.

(Some photos are better without a caption.)

Ken W. and Tammy

Kim and Ben looking dead sexy.

Like any good party, afterwards we went to an old wooden schooner and cooked pancakes.

Ben and Christy.

Dogpile on Kim.

Happy Birthday, sweetheart.

47°40'04.69"N 122°23'45.14"W

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