S/V Hello World's Travel Log

life aboard so far

We've been living on board Hello World for about 3 weeks now. Here's an update of what we've learned whilst living aboard to date.

  • The smell of cat poop inside a 40' sailboat is eye watering.

  • Popping your head out of the companionway every morning and looking out over the water and neighboring boats just does not get old. Moves me every time.

  • The cat does not like sailing.

  • Pressure cooker = the awesome.

  • Every object on a boat exists in two states: broken and almost broken.

  • Christy and I do just fine in small spaces. The space was never a problem in our 450 sq. ft. houseboat and it's not a problem on the sailboat.

  • Electric oil radiant heaters are essential to life aboard in the Pacific Northwest. Waking up on a drizzly fall morning to a boat interior that is dry and 70 degrees is heaven.

  • The manufacturer of all of our winches went out of business and replacement parts aren't available.

  • Our starboard cabin top winch needs a new stripper ring.

  • Sea lions never tire of barking. And that's just fine with us.

  • One positive thing about laundromats: 1 load of laundry or 6 loads of laundry - it still only takes about an hour and a half.

  • One negative thing about laundromats: taking off your pants and throwing them in the wash is frowned upon. Whatever, man.

  • Trying to walk up the companionway steps with the hatch closed will result in an excruciating head wound. Ask me how I know.

  • The excruciating head wound is apparently not painful enough to prevent me from doing it again. I now wear a helmet when I step on board.

  • Laying down below listening to the wind whistle through the rigging and feeling the boat fetch up on the docklines is pretty exhilarating.

  • We love life aboard.


McKenzie said...

YAY! You guys are the best :) I am amused by nearly everything on that list.

...and I have to say I'm a bit surprised Christy hasn't been sent to the dinghy for timeout yet.

Jason said...

You might be over-estimating my ability to order Christy to do ... anything at all.

Anonymous said...

I am truely inspired by the direction you two have taken. The snapshots of your recent life have been a joy to see, but I would like seeing you in "the live" again some day.


Jason said...

Kevin - is that you??

Anonymous said...

"Our starboard cabin top winch needs a new stripper ring."

My bedroom needs a Ring of Strippers.

You and your boat talk :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's me.

The Propane Chef said...

When the boatin' life suits you, it really suits you. Where else but Shilshole can you wake up in the morning & amble out to your car in the dark, all the way listening to sea lions barking and cheesing off a Great Blue Heron you didn't see on the dock...

So glad you're both enjoying it - I had a big grin on my face every day I walked off our boat & headed to work down the Shilshole docks. There's even more good times ahead of you!

s/v Gallant Fox
soon to depart Mazatlan once again for the Sea of Cortez

thorrad said...


Really glad to find your blog. I am a first time liveaboard who just got onto the boat. The wife and I have only been aboard for a few nights but I love it. The "issues" of broken things began immediately. I have the (probably correct) feeling that this is how I will spend all of my time aboard. Forget life on land you can have it.

BTW, what brought me to the site was your story of the head pumpout. I am looking at needing to get my first pumpout and I want the benefit of your wisdom. Did you find a service? I need one today if possible and would love to know who to call. The interwebs that have been so helpful have failed me this time as I am looking for someone that the locals call "SS Head" but I can find nothing in the intrtubes to tell me how to contact them. If you have a guy now let me know

It was great to "meet" you and keep up the blogging! I really love to hear your experiences.

Thor Radford

Jason said...

Hey Thor! Great to meet ya. Where are you guys living at? Shilshole? What sort of boat are ya living on?

After the Great Pumpout Debacle of 2008, we ponied up for the SS Head pumpout service. It rocks. Friday afternoon - all the onboard pee is magically gone. I can't find them online either. We called the Shilshole Marina office and they gave us the contact info.


Anonymous said...

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