S/V Hello World's Travel Log

oh, the weather outside is...

... blowing 30 knots 40 knots (just checked at the West Point Buoy) out of the south. The boat is fetching up on her docklines every minute or two. And it's still an order of magnitude better than the last few weeks.

Seattle has been clobbered with Montana-esque winter weather. Snow. Ice. Cold. Snow. We've enjoyed the crap out of having snow but have learned the value of our Dickinson diesel heater. Combined with our electric oil radiator heater, our boat has been fairly toasty through it all.

Me surveying the snow.

Ice forming at the end of our slipway.

Inspired by Sarah Palin, our neighbors threw down a dock party, Wasilla style!

This was from our drive to Idaho for Christmas.

Standing outside of my mom's house in Idaho.

Mexico has been heavy on my mind, I don't mind tellin' ya.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't now that ice formed at the Marina. That's SALT water freezeing for your readers who didnt' know that. Well actually, it probably snow and melt sitting on top of the salt water, but you get the point. That's Puget Sound not Lake Union.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about that Montana-esque winter weather. It has been in the 40s everyday and we have not had any new snow in weeks!

Congrats on the engagement!