S/V Hello World's Travel Log

kingston redux

We have a history of sailing upwind. Both ways. On every trip.

For this trip, we had four days and were going to take off and explore the south Puget Sound. However, NOAA called for a small craft advisory with winds out of the south. We decided we'd take the sleigh ride instead of the bash and we headed north.

(You know what's going to happen next, don't ya?)

Right on cue, about halfway to Kingston, the wind clocked around to the NW. And once again, we're sailing upwind. Not as bad as the last time we tried an uphill bash to Kingston, though.

We did have some nice beam reach sailing on our way up, however. My slice of heaven is a beam reach on this boat. She hit 7.5 knots SOG in 12 knots on the beam. Fun. We docked in the marina in Kingston for the night and enjoyed the town. The creperie down by the ferry entrance is the awesome.

47°47.7'N 122°29.8'W

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