S/V Hello World's Travel Log


The blog has pretty dormant over the winter months. But we're really ramping up the boat work and the blog should reflect that activity.

The other thing we're doing is uploading photos off the cameras. Finally. There's some law of metaphysics that seems to be in play on our boat. The camera exists and the camera upload cable exists but they only appear in the same plane of existence once every 100 years. Like Brigadoon. That happened today so I'm getting a bunch of pics uploaded.

We've also taken a couple trips on the boat that never got documented because the photos were marooned on our cable-less digital camera. Now that the photos have been rescued, we're going to post those blog entries. I'm going to back date them to the time they happened to give the blog some sort of continuity. Otherwise this thing will read like a Quentin Tarantino movie.

edmonds. no wait... kingston - 01.03.2009
port ludlow - 01.02.2009
kingston - 01.01.2009
poulsbo - 10.12.2008

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