S/V Hello World's Travel Log

checking the zincs and paint

We put zincs on in September which means it's been about six months and time to think about replacing them. Given the amount of people that pump their toilets overboard into the marina coupled with the 45° water and Christy's reluctance to jump in and check them, I decided to just take a video of the bottom and see how it's doing.

We just bought a new Flip Ultra video camera for $85 and spent another $35 on a waterproof case. Here's the results:

Not too bad but we'll need to replace those zincs before we leave.

Man, is Christy gonna be cold doing that.


Christy said...

ummm...christy thinks it's jason's turn to get covered in poo. scores are as follows:

christy: 2 (2 heads apart)
jason: 1 (1 pumpout incident)

i'd say changing zincs in the marina is just what you need to even up the score...


smooshy said...

sounds like she's even gonna hide your wetsuit.

Jason said...

Yes, Christy, you have indeed taken 2 heads apart. But the question remains: how many have you put back together?

(hint: less than 2)


Anonymous said...

Where you'd get the sweet deal n the camera and how did you water proof it?

Jason said...

We got the Flip camera on a Woot deal. Even w/o the Woot deal, you can find them for around that price on eBay.

The underwater case I believe we found on eBay.