S/V Hello World's Travel Log

some statistics

  • Number of boat tasks to be completed prior to leaving: 71

  • Number of weekends free to accomplish tasks: 6

  • My blood pressure: new and uncharted territory

If you've emailed me and I haven't gotten back to you, my sincere apologies. I'm a little underwater trying to get everything done before we take off. If you've invited us out to do something and we've declined, again - sorry. Really. We have to get crackin' otherwise, we'll have our list done just in time to not go anywhere this summer.

Part of our christmas present from Christy's parents was her dad flying out to help us with some boat projects. How great is that?? He's coming out next weekend so we're hoping to get our radar and chartplotter installed. As part of that project, we want to get our 12v panel re-organized. There's quite a few breakers that have two completely unrelated items (you can turn the stereo on, but only if you also want the GPS on too) that we want to clean up by adding a sub-panel to move less important stuff over to. If we can knock those out while Carl's here, we'll be a long ways towards getting this project list done.

And my blood pressure might just come back down out of orbit.


Anonymous said...

Hey let us know if you need any help with things. I feel I'm pretty good at cutting holes in boats having done it once now. :-)

I'm also pretty good and taking apart an engine... have no idea how they go back together though.

Jason said...

Thanks Patrick! Bring a crowbar and a sledgehammer over and let's see if we can get Hello World's exhaust elbow off, shall we?