S/V Hello World's Travel Log

throwing our hat over the wall

The saying - with a dash of rephrasing - goes a little like so: "If you need to get over a wall you can't get over, throw your hat over the wall." Once your best hat is lying on the other side of the wall, your ass will find a way over to go get it.

Christy just walked up to the marina office and resigned our comfy, safe, shore-powered south-facing slip in Shilshole. After May, we have no place to park Hello World so we're leaving whether we're ready or not. Our hat is now officially lying on the other side of the wall.

We're gonna go get it.


Traveller said...

Good Show!

I can't wait for the details of the adventure.

I wish I could do the same, but duty calls. I'll be in a much warmer and drier place. Please post plenty pictures, they do help.

ben said...


I got a slip in Tofino for the entire month of Sept (it was cheaper than installing solar/wind)... so - if you're coming back down around then I'd love to hook up. You'll love Tofino.

Jason said...

Traveller - thanks! It sounds like you're doing a tour. I hope it goes well, stay safe.

Ben - we're going to be running through Tofino probably the last week of July. I don't suppose you'll be out there then, will ya?

Tammy said...

You are going to love life more than you can imagine. We are still sitting in the boatyard, but life is great! So excited for you two.

Think we are going to get the Sensibulbs.....how are they working out?

Jason said...

Hey Tammy! We love reading updates. We can't wait until you guys get the boat into the water.

Sensibulbs - awesome. There is no noticeable difference between Sensibulbs and our old halogen bulbs. They are warm and bright. But the best part is that our halogens pulled >900 mA each. Sensibulbs use ~150 mA each. *Huge* difference in power usage. They are expensive so we only replaced the four lights we use the most. But they are fantastic lights. We love them and would recommend them to anyone.

The Propane Chef said...

BOOYA! One of many happy days on the water is going to be the fine day you putt out of Shilshole for good. We just celebrated 6 years of living aboard on 3/23, & as you know have been cruising 24/7 for over 2 years now, & it's a blast. I can hardly wait to see you pull in to the same anchorage we do, one day! Marianne, s/v Gallant Fox (currently in Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico)

Jason said...

Hey Marianne!! Thanks for stopping by! Keep an eye out for a Caliber 40 named Hello World (we finally got the name on so you should recognize us).