S/V Hello World's Travel Log

boat project complexity

I've tried to quantify the complexity of a given boat project using some very simple metrics. Hopefully this will help with your future projects. Overall project complexity (C) is a simple formula:

C = (AD / ED) ^ 10 + OMTS + (FB * 8) + FT^3 + 2 * M^2 + (1.34 * SQRT(Length of Boat))^SAT + REI^REI


Estimated Days (ED): number of days I think it will take me to complete the project.

Actual Days (AD): number of days it actually takes me to complete the project. If AD <= ED, then C = 0. I was probably just filling water balloons.

One More Trip to Store (OMTS): number of trips to a hardware store or boat store to get supplies after the initial trip where I definitely got everything I needed.

F-Bomb Index (FB): the number of times I drop the f-bomb while working on the project.

Float Tests (FT): the number of times I drop a tool or crucial piece of equipment overboard.

Missile Index (M): the number of times my frustrations reaches a level that the only logical recourse is to throw whatever is in my hand. If this breaks said item and increments OMTS, multiply Missile Index by 5. If this increments FT, the Missile Index is cubed.

Smoke Alarm Tests (SAT): the number of times I set off the smoke alarm.

Reckless Endangerment Index (REI): number of items from the first aid kit put into use during the course of the project. If a hospital stay is required, raise the REI to the power of the number of days in the hospital. Multiply by pi if any subsequent wounds can only be revealed by removing pants.


McKenzie said...

You did this instead of helping me with my excel problem? :)

Nicola O. said...

Nothin' like a simple metric.

Anonymous said...

You don't have enough boat work to do if you're coming up with boat work complexity equations!