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nav desk

When I have more time, I'll go into a little more detail about why the nav desk remodel required destroying the helm console and re-wiring the port side of the boat. But for now, let's just relish it's completeness and the fact that I didn't start anything on fire.

The point of the project was initially to clean up our 12V panel to make room for a few new circuits. Many of the circuits were doubled up so we decided to put in an auxiliary 12V panel. That led to... well, it's a long story.

12V panel before:

12V panel during:

12V panel complete!

(I've been told that the difference between the before pic and the after pic is, well, nothing. However. If you look closely, the blue labeled circuits are removed and tidied up so no circuits are doubled up on the panel. Humor me, willya? That took me HOURS to do that.)

Nav desk before:

Nav desk during:

Nav desk during (Christy's dad, Carl, doing the skilled labor):

Nav desk complete!

My estimate for this project? 3 days max. MAX.

Actual duration of this project? Around 30. Give or take a week.

Carl, thanks again! This project would have been a trainwreck without your help.


Anonymous said...

Any news on the VHF and radar wiring?

Christy said...

just in case anyone couldn't see the VAST difference between the before/after pictures of the 12V panel, note that the blue labels are gone - horray! (and no, he didn't just unstick them...)


Jason said...

Re: VHF and radar wiring

A friend of ours has some sort of test box (SWR meter maybe?) to hook up to the VHF to find the problem. I suspect the problem lies somewhere in the antenna cable w/i the mast just because the most difficult area to deal with. We replaced the masthead antenna and trimmed the cable back to a point where the cable was in good shape.

Radar wiring is a better story. It's done and works. Will wonders never cease. Of course, we haven't finished riveting the mount to the mast but these things take time.

Anonymous said...

You know right is "Starboard" and left is "Port." Oh, Bumfuzzle!