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boat maintenance

We left Shilshole with only a handheld VHF that worked. We have a shiny new VHF mounted at the nav desk but the reception has never worked. We've narrowed the problem down to the coax cable running through the mast (worst possible scenario) or the masthead antenna (not a terrible problem but still a trip up the mast). So we hauled Christy up to the top of the mast and determined without a shred of doubt that the coax cable running inside the mast was shorted out somewhere and needed to be replaced. Of course.

We brought along 70' of RG213 just in case we needed to replace the internal coax. We made several frustrating attempts to run the coax down the existing conduits but no joy. After several hours up at the masthead, Christy was getting pretty pooped. So we lowered her and I went up to the top. I pretty much knew I was going to get anywhere with the problem but I figured I'd go take a look and install our new LED anchor light/tri-color while I was up there.


Let's just say this: I didn't get the VHF antenna run. I pulled the old anchor light off, dropping a crucial piece in the water. I got the new light half installed only to strip one of the bolts and drop the screwdriver into the water. The only phillips head screwdriver big enough to install the bolts being used for the LED light. Awesome.

Decided to spend the rest of the day drinking beer and kayaking around the anchorage. Christy took some great photos while up at the masthead so we burned them on several CDs and dropped them off at other boats in the anchorage so they could have cool pictures of their boat in Smuggler's Cove. We had wine, appetizers and some great conversation with Ian and Hanna aboard s/v Yonder before running over to m/v Nor Epi and having dinner with Greg and Leslie and their friends from South Africa.

It's amazing how being in a place like this around people like that can turn a day around.

49°30.88'N 123°57.81'W


Anonymous said...

Jason & Christy:

For running halyards in the mast, a bicycle chain works well if a lead fishing sinker does not do the trick. Unfortunately you have to run coax that that will not want to straighten out and will have more friction. You may have to get a plumbing snake.

Kathy Mathews

Anonymous said...

J- Drinking beer is what you do best, stick to that!