S/V Hello World's Travel Log

james island state park

(note: we're catching up on blog posts and pictures so this is a little out of order, best to pay attention to the date on the blog entry)

Very cool little island just east of Lopez Island in the San Juan Islands that's entirely a state park. We picked up a mooring ball as the coves on either side are pretty open. We also understand why no other boat spent the night on the west side of the island. About 10 minutes after a ferry would pass (you can hear their propellers from miles aways inside the boat), our boat would roll in their wake like we were under attack.

We took a hike around the island and checked out a great marine trail campsite. Only human powered boats were allowed to camp at that spot. Christy spent what seemed like hours examining a black slug. Once back at the boat, we watched a bald eagle land on the tree and hang out with us. After 10 minutes, I decided to go grab a camera and that was enough to make him leave. But trust us, he was there.

Leaving Port Townsend at the buttcrack of dawn to catch a northbound current.

Sighting the San Juan Islands across the Strait.

Christy doing some driving.

Hello World's busy transom.

Christy rowing me to shore.

Hello World tucked into the east cove of James Island.

48° 30.77'N 122°46.4'W

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The Chatty Housewife said...

I saw you! I have no clue why I randomly decided to search the net for "hello world, Seattle, sailboat" but I am so glad I did. Interesting blog! I hope your voyage is going smoothly and that you are both enjoying yourself.

Here is my blog post about our visit to the island, which includes a few photos of hello world. If you would like me to email you a couple more photos, email me at Chattyhousewife(at)gmail(dot)com. I only put up the photos that you guys are not seen in. I hope you enjoy my photos! It is so neat/strange that we were visiting James island on the exact same day and both blogged about it. :)