S/V Hello World's Travel Log


We've driven out of the Shilshole Marina breakwater many times. This time is different. We don't have any plans to return.

Hello World is northbound.

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Anonymous said...

Good sailing! I'm looking forward to living vicariously through you both. :-)

Anonymous said...

As I climbed out of my boat this morning to head to my dead-end, soul-sucking job, I was just in time to see Hello World pass by my dock for the last time. Good luck and keep in touch. Erin and I aspire to follow in your footsteps someday.


Anonymous said...

Wow - how cool! Good luck, be safe, and hopefully we'll catch up on the flip side of this adventure!

Patrick said...

I believe the correct title is "North Miss Teschmacher!" :-)

Get some ice while you're up there so we can have cold drinks in the S. Pacific!!

Patrick & Dawn

Keri said...

Can't wait to hear about your adventures. Hope to catch you somewhere along your journey!

Safe travels,

Your Millsypoo :-)

Anonymous said...

...Helloooo WORLD!

Naomi said...

Congratulations...I look forward to following your adventure - we won't be far behind you. We plan to leave this summer.

PS - we're in Campbell River...if you pass through, send us a note. And if you need anything while you're there, we'd be happy to help.

Unknown said...

Awesome news! Be safe and enjoy the peace!


Sea Bungalow said...

Great news, hope to meetup with you guys when you work your way down south!


CB said...


Glad you took off. Although I was hoping for ONE more going away party.

I was sailing back from Port Ludlow on Tuesday and spotted a very, very WHITE set of sails headed north. I could just barely make it out, but I spotted the new solars and dinghy davit and thought it might be you. I hailed you a few times on ch16, but no joy.

When I was sure it was you I snapped a quick picture. All you can see is your sails against Whidby Island, but it is you guys. I'll email it to you soon.


Team Giddyup said...

I'm enjoying reading through your blog. I found it from aboardmadrigal

We are in Victoria BC and head north to the Queen Charlottes this June and in summer 2011 head south - somewhat similar path.

- Livia