S/V Hello World's Travel Log

port townsend

We are currently lying in Boat Haven Marina in Port Townsend. Given our plans with Hello World, we decided a rigging survey would be prudent. We received quite a few recommendations and they all overwhelmingly pointed to Port Townsend Rigging. Dan from PT Rigging did a very thorough review of our rig and gave it a thumbs up. He found a few things we should fix and a few pieces we should upgrade. However, nothing he found screamed REPLACE ME.

If you're looking for help with rigging, including a survey, we highly recommend Dan and Lisa at PT Rigging. They are very focused on value for your money. Dan will work with you to do what you need to do at a reasonable cost.

Tomorrow morning (early tomorrow morning), we're going to ride the ebb tide north across the Strait of Juan de Fuca and into the San Juan Islands. We have a couple anchorages in mind somewhere in the neighborhood of Lopez Island. We have a date on Monday with our sailmaker in Sidney, BC so we have the rest of the week and weekend to kill time in the San Juans.

Bummer, huh?

48°06'23.21"N 122°46'37.57"W


McKenzie said...

I'm thinking about giving you guys a wake-up call right now...but am deciding against it :)

Horray for good rigging!

martini said...

So jealous. So jealous. So wildly jealous. Half an hour on the rowing machine at the park gym did *nothing* to assuage my sea fever!

Give the San Juans a hug for me.