S/V Hello World's Travel Log

raise your hand

... if you thought we'd actually leave on time.

We hooked up our SSB radio today and got a helpful "UNLOCK" message.
Push some buttons, twist some knobs, no joy. After talking with the
folks at SEA, the manufacturer, apparently the radio has to be sent in
for service. Since they are just north of Seattle, we brought it up
there today. They'll know more on Monday or Tuesday.

We may also leave and just have them ship it to us. Time's a wasting
and we ain't getting younger.

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Anonymous said...

Who do you guys think you are? Columbus? I'd definitely not leave with that VHF a bit off. Crazy, just crazy!

Anonymous said...

Well apparently you ARE Columbus as you've FINALLY left. Ya'll have a great couple of months and hopefully see you in San Juans in August. Bon voyage my friends! I love you both.

Anonymous said...

I see you are making good on "the most ridiculous plan in the room".