S/V Hello World's Travel Log

cordero islands

Leaving the Octopus Islands, we had some of our last tidal rapids of the trip. We took off at 5:30am to catch the slack at 6 at the first set called Upper and Lower Rapids. Although the predicted slack was at 6am, just about when we hit it, the predicted slack was off - we hit 4.5 knots of current coming right at us. So that was fun, seeing as we only motor at about 6 knots. So there we were, getting up at the butt crack of dawn so we could race through at 1.5 knots - not our most brilliant move. But we made it. We'll be waiting for slack next time.

With that lesson in mind, we decided not to push it and go through Green Point rapids the same day, so we anchored just outside it at Cordero Islands - good protection but the land around our anchorage was private, so we just stuck on the boat for a quiet night.

50°26.702'N 125°29.834'W

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