S/V Hello World's Travel Log

laura cove

Laura Cove was a beautiful stop - small with only 2 other boats anchored with us - it's one of the bays in Prideaux Haven, so it was nice to find a quiet area in such a popular place. There was a great hike to Melanie Cove (much busier) which I wandered through on my own while Jason took a nap (the 1 hour motor from Tenedos Bay was hard work). It took me a little longer to hike than I expected (losing the trail will do that to you), and by the time I got back, the tide had come up about 5 feet. Not a problem, except I didn't drag the dinghy up the beach far enough - so there it sat in 4 ft of water, now tied to a submerged rock out 20 ft from shore. Fortunately the water was warm. Unfortunately, jellyfish love warm water. I got away with only a few stings - not bad considering the density of jellyfish was higher than the density of water in some places in the cove...

Yeah, those are all jellyfish.

50°08.810'N 124°39.919'W


aileen said...

did jas have to pee on the stings to make it better :). sounds like you guys are having a FANTASTIC time. miss you!!

Aaron said...

Jellyfish are the devil's snot. I have a fear of being stung by them so I'm pretty impressed with this!