S/V Hello World's Travel Log

now with mappity goodness!

Perhaps you've noticed that each blog post ends with the corresponding latitude and longitude for that particular post. While this seems generally salty and makes us look much more nautical than we really are, there's more purpose to it than that.

I've read lots of sailing blogs that always talk about places I've never heard of. They have little meaning unless you can get a context to where these places are. So, from the word "go", we've intended to publish our blog posts within the context of some sort of map. Well, I've finally gotten around to getting the code to work.

If you look over to the right, you'll see a section called Maps. Click on one of the links and you'll be taken to Google Maps where our blog posts will be embedded on a map of the area. You can view our last 10 blog posts or if you'd like, you can see all the blog posts for 2009.

Last 10 blog posts

All blog posts for 2009

One note - the mapping won't be instantaneous. There could be a few hours delay between the time a blog entry is posted to the time it shows up on the map.


Nicola O. said...

Oh, THAT is hella-cool. Particularly for the non-seafaring among us followers.

Nicole said...

This is the coolest thing! Nice job. Keep up the blogging--we love reading about your adventures. And as you know, we copy everything you do, so we'll be up there this time next year. Ha!


Anonymous said...

Wow you two are really getting up into those inlets! Awesome feature.