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port neville

We arrived at Port Neville after going through the last of the rapids we'll have to deal with (yahooo!). Port Neville sounds a LOT more cosmopolitan than it is. It consists of:

  • a government dock (free - we love that)

  • a post office (in the postmaster's house)

  • a museum (the original home built in the 1920's)

  • an additional home for family that comes to visit the postmaster

Right. That's a post office for the 1 person that lives there. Good thing she's also the postmaster. It's adorable though, and has lots of history. It was a nice step back in time to go through the museum and check out the artifacts that had been saved. Lorna, the postmaster/resident of Port Neville was really sweet and we had a nice time visiting with her.

There were a few other boats on the dock with us that night, one of which had mentioned they were going to go sea asparagus hunting - so off I went with Mary and Allen. Sea asparagus, it turns out, is not hard to find - I've been seeing it all over the place, just didn't know what it was. It grows in tidal areas and looks like tufts of dense, light green grass from afar. You pick off the tops and once you've collected your meal, soak it in fresh water for 24 hours before cooking it. I steamed ours and it was really pretty good - very salty though - next time I might soak it with a few rounds of fresh water...

As we were getting back from the hunting trip, we got to see the black bear rambling along the beach that frequents Port Neville - looked like he was a healthy guy - and big!

Port Neville store and post office.

Hello World tucked into the (free) government dock at Port Neville.

Boat for sale - cheap!

Part of the museum collection at Port Neville.

Oh sure there's bears. Whatever.

Oops, my bad.

50°29.568'N 126°05.271'W

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