S/V Hello World's Travel Log

powell river

"So, you're going up north in a sailboat?"
"Yup - hopefully to Alaska!"
"Hope you don't want to do any sailing..."

Yeah, they were right. We've been doing a LOT of motoring. Winds almost always seem to be on the nose, but that's just our luck. Note our famed trip to Kingston. So of course, we're going through a bit more fuel than our budget allotted for ($150/month) - and once again, we needed to make a stop - this time in Powell River. There weren't any anchorages around, so we got fuel and stayed at the public dock for the night - even found a trusty Safeway with good ol' wifi (caution to any boaters who want to go to Safeway in Powell River - it's at the top of Cardiac Hill. We were a little concerned about this name until we walked up "Cardiac Hill" - it is a hill, but even Jason, who is old, made to the top without a problem).

We woke up at 6:45 in the morning to an unidentifiable metalic noise that seemed to coming from either our boat or very close by. I emerged to find a fishing boat had parallel parked between us and another boat - they didn't quite fit and our anchor was hitting their hull - in which they didn't seem the least bit concerned. I mentioned it to the captain, who looked to be about 17. He mentioned back to me that this was the fishing part of the public dock and when were we leaving? Oops. We had been told of this transgretion the afternoon before, but also told it would be fine for a night. We left soon thereafter.

49°50.12'N 124°31.8'W

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