S/V Hello World's Travel Log

rebecca spit

Had a nice sail/motor to Herot Bay where we read had propane and wifi - what fun! Filled up the propane for $11 - first time since Feb, not too shabby - and that was only one tank. We figure we'll go through a lot more cruising than we did on the dock since we're cooking twice a day, but fortunately, propane is pretty cheap. We got lured into the pub that had free wifi - and a beer sounded great - the burgers smelled even better - so free wifi turned into our first meal out since we left - but was it great! After Herot Bay, we made the short motor to Rebecca Spit - great rocky beach and a fabulous trail out and around the spit. The driftwood there was incredible - but we picked through some to find a 2x4ish looking one to back up our jerry cans - we aint no yacht baby - not with driftwood on deck!

50°05.873'N 125°11.335'W


Aaron said...

You can still be a yacht with driftwood on deck, it just needs 15 coats of Epifanes.

JT said...


she's funny.