S/V Hello World's Travel Log


Bamfield was our final stop with Happy Camper. We had traveled together for a month after a chance meeting in a laundrymat and this was the last hurrah. We had a great night out at the local (only) bar and got a tow back to the boats from the powerful HC dinghy when we didn't feel like rowing back to the boat (after not feeling like putting the outboard on the dinghy - it was a day of excessive laziness).

A little more about the cute little town: it is split down the middle by the bay - so there's East Bamfield and West Bamfield. We got the feeling that the water is like the railroad tracks in other towns. East Bamfield had road access (via a logging road) while the west side does not - boat access only. There's a fabulous boardwalk all along the west side which made for a great walk, especially when we got to the cat village. I've never seen such elaborate pet housing. I was even kind of jealous. There were 9 cats roaming around the cat village when we first got there. 13 at feeding time. From what I gather, the west side was once overrun with cats that kept multiplying - acted more like rabbits, shall we say. Someone finally spayed and neutered all 90 cats (back in the day) and we saw the remaining 13. I'm more interested in what they'll do with the cat village once they're all gone. Maybe we could move in...

Bamfield Inlet running right through the middle of town.

Kelly, Scottie, Jason and Christy having a last drink together at the pub in Bamfield.

Thanks for the tow, Scottie!

The boardwalk in West Bamfield.

The tree house toilets. Best not walk under the tree house.

The cat village. These cats live better than we do.

48°49'35.63"N 125°08'17.03"W

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