S/V Hello World's Travel Log

beaver harbor

What a difference 6 miles makes. We backtracked from Port Hardy by about that to get to Beaver Harbour and it was well worth it. We found a great little spot (Patrician Cove) that we had all to ourselves and had an excellent trail just inside. We stayed three nights waiting for a beefy northwesterly to calm down a bit. S/V Happy Camper joined us for the the last one. We hiked the Tex Lion trail twice down to the beach (the 2nd time with Kelli, Scottie and the bocce set). We had a great time playing bocce on the beach before hiking back and hitting the hay early so we could start north at 4am. Yes. We're on vacation and got up at 4am. I know, very sad.

s/v Happy Camper coming over to join the fun in Beaver Harbor.

Hiking the Tex Lyon trail (awesome, by the way) towards Fort Rupert.

Traversing the ropes of the Tex Lyon trail.

Scotty from s/v Happy Camper making a winning bocce throw.

Kelly from s/v Happy Camper can do a one handed cartwheel without spilling her drink. Methinks this has one her more than one bar bet.

Hello World through the trees.

50°43.460'N 127°25.053'W

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