S/V Hello World's Travel Log

bull harbor

After a 4am start from Beaver Harbour, we hit dead calm in what had been the devil-that-made-christy-puke just 4 days before. We made great time to Bull Harbour which is the traditional waiting spot for boats waiting for a good weather window to cross the Nawitti Bar and Cape Scott, both of which can be pretty brutal. We spent the majority of our time in Bull Harbour catching up on naps from the 4am departure and the aniticipation of the same departure time the next day. I did find some time to make yogurt (my first time) which, I'm happy to report, turned out quite well! I'm getting to be quite a goddess in the galley lately, if I do say so myself :)

Bull Harbour is the northernmost spot that we will hit on this trip - great, but heading south for warmer weather is starting to sound fabulous!

Entering Bull Harbor in the fog.

50°54.998'N 127°56.207'W

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