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bunsby islands

We spent 2 nights in Scow Bay in the Bunsby Islands - amazing! It's a kayakers heaven there with tons of little nooks and crannies to explore, great beaches and tons of wildlife. As we pulled in, we saw sea otter porn that continued into our 2nd day (they are amazing creatures). Eagles abounded, as they have this entire trip and we nearly hit a whale breaching on the way out.

We spent the majority of our first day working on the dinghy engine. It hasn't been working this whole trip (hey, we've been busy!). We had a hunch that it was a mucked up carburator, so I got out the book and screwdrivers. Sure enough, there was a TON of varnished gasoline in there. Jason helped me clean it all out and after putting it back together (with NO parts left over!), we started her up and she ran like a champ!! So off we went zipping around the islands - screw kayaking!

We highly recommend the Bunsby's to anyone out this way - whether you're sailing or on a kayak trip, it's one of the more beautiful places we've been.

Humpback whales catching a breath. It's really true what they say, you can hear whales before you see them. Even hundreds of yards off.

A little otter porn. Hey if watching otter sex is your thing, I'm not judging.

Christy cleaning out the carberator on the outboard engine.

This is what happens when you don't winterize your outboard engines, kids. Crap in the carberator.

Hello World lying at anchor in Scow Bay.

Hey Fisher - the outboard engine finally WORKS!

Bald eagles everywhere.

The view off our foredeck the morning we wanted to leave.

We waited for this guy to take off and snag a fish but he just sat there doing not much of anything. Except poop. If you've never seen a bald eagle take a dump, well. Let's just say they're impressive animals.

50°06.384'N 127°31.078'W

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