S/V Hello World's Travel Log

dixie cove

After leaving the Bunsby Islands and nearly running over TWO whales (they're sneaky animals), we headed to Dixie Cove - yet another really neat spot. This one because we tucked back into an inner cove after going through two narrow entrances and Happy Camper and Hello World were the only ones back in this quiet, ultra-protected cove.

The water at Dixie is theoretically some of the warmest on the west coast. But warm water correlates with jelly fish and though the moon jelly fish seem pretty benign when compared with lions mane jellies, I'm still not taking my chances, thankyouverymuch.

So rather than swim over to s/v Happy Camper, we chose to motor the 100 feet or so with our newly working outboard engine. We sat in the cockpit of their boat eating fresh prawns caught by Scotty the day prior in the Bunsby's while their cat Presley entertained us by attacking the bimini canvas.

Presley the Cat lording over the cockpit of s/v Happy Camper.

Scottie and Kelly partaking in their prawn feast.

Watch Presley do his Crazy Cat routine on their canvas cockpit cover.

50°03.215'N 127°12.292'W

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