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effingham bay

We headed out from the Pinkertons mid-morning in what seemed to be great weather. And then we hit the fog bank. Fortunately, we have radar. Unfortunately, radar doesn't pick up kayakers very well, and there are a ton of kayakers in the Broken Group. The one group that we encountered had radioed on 16 that they were crossing the channel we were in, so we were on mega alert lookout for them and didn't run them over. We think that was the only group out there anyway...

The plan was to go to Wouwer Island where the sea lions hang out and there's a trail to the beach that goes through some sort of tunnel. Too good to miss. We got to Wouwer and after hitting the Pacific swells that would prohibit us from getting in the western entrance, we turned around and tried the eastern entrance. It was much more calm and Happy Camper through down a hook with 300 ft of chain as we motored around looking for another spot to anchor. We didn't find one. We felt pretty bad about HC setting out so much chain just to have to pick it back up again, but they seemed fairly unperturbed. No one was crazy about the anchoring conditions, so we decided on our plan C - Effingham Bay. We still wanted to check out the sea lions and this tunnel, but Jason and I decided we'd come back after we broke off from HC.

Effingham Bay was huge and well protected. Apparently that's what everyone else in Barkely Sound thought too - there had to be 10-12 boats in the anchorage (with plenty of room) - our most crowded anchorage ever on the west coast. We hiked across the island to a beach and tracked GIANT deer footprints in the sand until we figured out it was Kelly's shoe imprint. You gotta watch out for those giant deer.

Happy Camper in front of the fog bank.

Christy on bow watch in the fog after a group of kayakers made a securite call in our area.

Do not like being this close to crashing surf. Like it even less in the fog when you can't see or hear the crashing surf.

In case the chartplotter shit the bed, Christy tracked our progress on the chart.

Chartplotter with radar overlay made navigating the fog possible. Wouldn't have gone out without it.

Pulling into Effingham Bay after not liking the situation at Wouwer Island.

Scottie and Jason hanging out on the beach on Effingham Island.

Fog rolling around the Broken Group.

48°52'34.9"N 125°18'28.97"W

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