S/V Hello World's Travel Log

happy campers

Boats have a gravitational pull on a certain type of people. Amongst the boating population, wankers, fucksticks and jackasses are sorely under-represented. There is a disproportionately high number of genuinely friendly, open, bright, and funny people. When you slice that boating population into those that live and voyage on their boats, the statistics skew even further. So it shouldn't come as such a surprise that we got along so famously with the crew of s/v Happy Camper after a chance meeting in a laundrymat in Port McNeill.

We've traveled with Scottie, Kelly, Addie the attention hound, and Presley the canvas attacking cat ever since meeting them. We've shared anchorages, weather forecasting, drinks and coffee grinders. We've watched whales, kayaked, laughed, and raced. We've run the length of the west coast of Vancouver Island with them and consider them our dear friends. Their post-Vancouver Island life takes them to Tacoma and another year in the Pacific Northwest before heading south to Mexico. We're sad to be parting ways. We'll be thinking about them alot this winter as we make for the tropical latitudes ahead of them. We can't wait for the day in a sunny Mexican anchorage when their familiar hail comes across the radio and we see their Maple Leaf 42 round the point. Until that day, Happy Camper - fair winds, my friends.

Hello World standing by on one-six.

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