S/V Hello World's Travel Log

hot springs cove

It was a light wind motoring day from Santa Gertrudis Cove to Hot Springs Cove. After our mighty fishing adventures were over, we motored into Hot Springs Cove and set the anchor just off the public dock. After finishing up some boat projects, we hopped into the dinghy along with the crew from s/v Happy Camper and motored over to the dock to take a soak in the namesake hot springs. We've been told and have since confirmed that evening is the best time to hit the hot springs. Water taxi's, whale watching tours and float planes all shuttle tourists from Tofino into Hot Springs Cove and the springs tend to be pretty populated during the day. If you can wait until closer to dark, you stand a chance of not sharing the hot springs with the entire Pumpkin Patch, Indiana Little League team.

Getting to the hot springs is a 2km stroll down an immaculate board walk. Many of the planks have been carved with the boat names of past visitors, including some very artistic work. After the walk through the woods, we arrived at the hot springs bubbling out of the forest, running over a granite cliff making the best hot shower you've had in years and dropped into a series of pools before mixing into the ocean. We soaked in the pools intermittently jumping into the ocean to cool down.

The collective we (Happy Camper and Hello World) decided this was too cool of a place to take in in one day so we laid over a day. While the float plane and water taxi crowd were splashing about in the springs, we decided to commemorate our visit by carving our name in a plank of the boardwalk. So we hauled an assortment of dremel attachments, drills, chisels (flat head screwdrivers) and mallets into the woods, selected a plank, and commenced to creating art. Scotty was smart enough to print out a template, thumb tack it into place, and chisel it out. Total time: 90 minutes. I decided to free hand my work so it would match the lettering on our boat. Total time: all damn day. But then, we're unemployed so our calendar was pretty open.

I was getting the dinghy ready to have dinner on board another boat we've seen off and on the last week or two when I heard sniffing. Given how long it's been since my last shower, it seemed unlikely that Christy was doing the sniffing (she mostly holds her breath around me these days). I looked in the water next to the outboard engine and there were two of largest coal black eyes belonging to a seal pup who just had to check out what I was doing. He poked his head up next to the engine on the transom of the dinghy and sniffed me for a few seconds before swimming away. Apparently, even marine mammals can't stand my smell.

After a fabulous potluck of freshly caught salmon (thanks Scotty!) with the good folks from m/v Dunsinane - Ken and Tom - we ran back for another late night soak. As we sat in the hot springs listening to the ocean swell break on the rocks in front of us, thick fog rolled in and the sun set. On our dinghy ride back, our outboard motor stirred up phosphoresence in the water leaving a trail of neon every where we went. The fish would dart away from our dinghy leaving glowing phosphor trails all over the water. Every now and again I ask Christy: "why doesn't everybody do this?".

We haven't come up with an answer.

The anchorage in Hot Springs Cove is not exactly away from it all. Float planes taxi, take off and land right next to the anchored boats.

The 2km boardwalk out to the hot springs.

Finally made it to the hot springs.

Christy and Kelly sitting in the bottom pool of the hot springs that mixes with the chilly Pacific Ocean.

The hot springs. We couldn't get many pictures because there was some naked folk and we didn't really want them to think we were trying to photograph their giblets.

Working on adding our name to the boardwalk collection.

Christy doing the detail work.

Happy Camper's finished product.

Hello World's finished product.

49°21.848'N 126°15.932'W


Nicola O. said...

Wow. You guys look so happy!

Why *doesn't* everyone do that? Hmmmmmmmm.

Lisa said...

There is no good reason not to do that!

Except that I couldn't put a carburetor together without leaving some parts out.