S/V Hello World's Travel Log

pinkerton islands

We had planned to layover and spend a leisurly day reading and swimming at Lucky Cove (taking the kayaks in to avoid the high tide problem), but it turned out to be an overcast and pretty chilly morning, so we tried waiting it out to no avail. Jason and I made a short visit, but it wasn't the spa day we were expecting, so we decided to weigh anchor and check out the Pinkerton Islands. There were a few boats anchored throughout the islands, but we found a small bay that fit both of our boats perfectly. There was a maze of islands and narrow waterways all around the anchorage, so we had a great time dinghy exploring.

Happy Camper anchored in front of us looking out towards a big bank of fog.

Hello World lying to an anchor and stern tie.

Christy driving us around the Pinkerton Islands.

One of the many nooks and crannies of the Pinkerton Islands.

48°57'52.17"N 125°16'58.1"W

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