S/V Hello World's Travel Log

quait bay

We pulled out of Hot Springs Cove and popped the main and jib in 10 knots of wind. About 30 minutes later we lost the wind but still had the four foot swell. So instead of rattling around like Weeble-Wobbles on a Tilt-a-Whirl (yes, I was born in the 70's), we chose to tuck away the sails and motor through the windless swell. Once we got into Clayoquot Sound, we got a nice afternoon in-flow. Rather than deal with the main running dead down wind, we just pulled out the 130 genoa and enjoyed some great downwind sailing. As we got deeper into the sound and later in the afternoon, the wind kept picking up. Soon it reached a steady 25 knots apparent.

On the final stretch, we raced Happy Camper to the finish line. As they were ahead of us, we chose the honorable tactic of moving into their air and stealing their wind. Scottie recognized the tactic and moved off away from us. As gusts would come in, Happy Camper - the heavier boat with a larger sail area - would pull away. As the wind lightened, Hello World - the lighter boat and faster in light air - would move ahead. We went back and forth a few times before nearing the finish line and were forced to put away our sails for the entrance into Quait Bay.

Inside Quait Bay, it's not the most picturesque anchorage we've been in but certainly not the worst. It's most likely claim to fame is the stupendous concentration of jellyfish.

Running under our 130 genoa.

Racing Happy Camper. We're totally stealing her wind here.

Running neck and neck down to the finish.

49°16.46'N 125°51.177'W


Unknown said...

Christy, I didn't think you'd ever get to race again, once you started cruising! I'm sure your friends from White Hawk would be very proud of you :)

Christy said...

ha! jason says i never stop racing! :) i wanted to jibe and call starboard on HC, but jason wouldn't let me. :)