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queens cove

We decided on Queens Cove as our next stop due to it's vicinity to Tahsis. Tahsis has internet. Therefore we want to get there early and be glued to the computer for as long as possible. The eagles and whales are nice, but sometimes, we just miss our internet.

It seems a few other boats had a similar idea, or some other random reason brought them to Queens Cove. There were six other boats in the anchorage - a downright crowd from what we've been used to. We had a good time exploring the river at high tide - you can get up there quite far. Theoretically there's a path to a lake nearby, but we didn't want to leave the dinghy up river and come back to it high and dry - it would have been a LONG way to carry that sucker back with the engine. So exploring was limited to waterside. There was an old cannery on the northwest side of the anchorage - we could see some of the remains, but more interesting was the old fishing boat that was high and dry...with a new-ish looking radar dome. We considered reappropriating it, but figured that couldn't have been an original idea.

Off to one side of Queens Cove was Park Creek, a small creek that could be navigated by dinghy at high tide. Very cool.

Rowing the dinghy up Park Creek, a bit to shallow for the outboard at this point.

Scottie and Kelly taking Addie for a ride.

If we ever come across a mysteriously large amount of anonymous cash, we're totally gonna buy this house. Very cool.

The remains of the fishing boat.

This spiky bastard is Grogan Rock, which marks the entrance to so-called Clear Passage which leads inside of the Barrier Islands. Still a bit spooky to navigate if you didn't have a GPS telling you where not to go.

49°52.831'N 126°58.982'W

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