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santa gertrudis cove

After leaving Tahsis, we had an eye on Friendly Cove for a night at anchor, but decided to find something a bit more protected. Also? There's a $10 charge to dinghy to shore to do any exploring. So instead, we headed into Santa Gertrudis, just to the east of Friendly. We read there was a hike to a lake and that sounded much better than a $10 landing fee. So off we went in search of the hike. We found the trailhead, nicely marked. And it proceeded directly into the woods with no appreciable trail anywhere. Though the bear prints were obvious - and large. So we didn't do much hiking there. Take that Friendly Cove.

We did get to hang out with a sleeping otter though. These things are quite possibly the cutest creatures ever. First of all, they are everywhere. They look like logs in the water. They float on their backs munching on kelp and are often just playing around. They almost always look directly at us, no doubt wondering what on earth we are doing. Anyway, apparently they sleep in the water. At least there's one in Santa Gertrudis that does. We tried getting close to take some pictures, but he woke up before we could get any good ones. Forget a pony. I want a sea otter.

Driving down Tahsis Inlet towards Santa Gertrudis Cove.

A sea otter saying "hey!".

For dinner Christy made calzones the size of my head. Yum.

49°36.122'N 126°37.325'W

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Lisa said...

Otters! If you get one, can I pet it? I think you'd need at least three (one for each of us!) for them to be happy.

Meanwhile, drool. I am so envious and happy for you. I'm sure I'll repeat that a few times in future.