S/V Hello World's Travel Log


We love Tahsis. Well, mostly we love Westview Marina in Tahsis. And not only because they have wifi. Superfriendly owners and staff, great restaurant (we were in a splurging mood), fabulous floating firepit and Jason especially enjoyed the ice cream [Rolo ice cream, are you kidding me?? -j]. It's been a while since we've had frozen goodness. We borrowed the marina car (yeah, you heard me - they have a car for guests) and went into town to do a bit of provisioning. We got caught up on interweb-related business (read, Christy dealt with insurance - it's been a year since we've had the boat! Woohoo!). But best of all, we met a bunch of other sailors, had dinner with Mike and Joan from s/v Alta Menos and got some great tips on cruising the Gulf Islands with Kenz and Matt when they arrive in Aug. Good times had by all. We heartily recommend this stop to anyone out cruising this way.

Hello World at the dock at Westview Marina in Tahsis. Love this place.

Christy soaking up some wifi in the cockpit.

The "entrance" to the marina is nothing more than a minor opening in the log breakwater that's anywhere from 14 feet wide (our boat is 12 feet 8 inches wide) to 30 feet wide depending on wind and current.

This inflatable monster was sitting at the dock. I think we need a new dinghy.

If my math is correct, this boat is about one weedeater motor shy of horsepower of the SPACE SHUTTLE.

The entire cockpit of the boat is suspended on hydraulic mounts. Even when you're going 70 knots across a westerly sea swell, we can't be spilling our beer now can we?

If you find yourself in the neighborhood of Nookta Island, go to Westview Marina. Trust me.

49°55.042'N 126°39.780'W

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