S/V Hello World's Travel Log

3 miles down

832 to go

We splashed on time this morning, got under the Ballard bridge and
through the locks before we started hearing funky drive train
noises...so here we sit back at Shilshole.

We now have a 3pm haulout scheduled for tomorrow...hopefully we'll be
headed out of Seattle Wed am!

At this rate, we should be in San Fan by about May next year...


Aaron said...

Just turn up the stereo!

Scott said...

Wow, that sucks... still, better there than off Cape Flattery, right?

We just got back in at Shilshole yesterday, wish I would have seen this earlier. Ships passing, etc, etc.... I'm already heading back up to Port Townsend to collect our car.

Good luck and I hope it's nothing expensive!

Jason said...

Hey Scott, that's too bad we missed you! We've been following your trip around Vancouver Island. Great fun since we had been at all these places just weeks earlier.