S/V Hello World's Travel Log

sidney spit

After 2 days in Montague Harbour, we decided to go check out Portland Island. We had a great day of upwind sailing and some serious sailing lessons for the new crew. They took to it quickly so Jason decided to get in the dinghy and take some pictures of Hello World at sail. He zipped around for a bit before the outboard quit just as a big wake was hitting him. He stayed upright and radioed the mothership for help. We got to him without incident and made the rescue under sail. Once we reached our intended destination, we decided the anchorages were too crowded and too rolly and instead headed for plan B - Sidney Spit.

Sidney Spit is a small island (mostly park) just off of Sidney with a great beach and a difficult entrance. Fortunately, we were entering at high tide, so we weren't worried about not having our chartplotter. What we hadn't considered was how to get OUT of Sidney Spit the next morning at low tide. We decided the island should be renamed to Hotel California (You can check out, But you can never leave) since after about an hour of trying to get across the sandbar, we still couldn't leave. We saw other boats coming in and tried following their tracks, but would inevitably end up in 8 ft of water afraid to go further lest we hit bottom. Finally a nice man gave us a bearing out and we all made it - without hitting bottom!

We can't wait to get our chartplotter working again...

We're doing some serious navigating here, folks.

Kenz bow riding.

Hello World sailing upwind.

Matt's dinghy exits were always a thing to behold.

After the dinghy outboard crapped out, we resorted to kayak paddles to get into shore on Sidney Spit.

48°38.623'N 123°20.250'W

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