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headed in

Well, we've decided to skip out on the low pressure system that's going to build the southern winds off the coast and duck in for a few days to wait it out. We're on a course now to Crescent City, CA and should get there at about 10am Sunday.

Turns out this is a good thing as last night we decided to take down the flopping jib (nearly no wind) and start up the motor. We attempted to turn on the engine before furling in the poled out sail and...? Crickets. No engine. Fabulous, well at least we still at the jib up and the seas weren't too bad. We started troubleshooting the engine problem when we heard a loud *bang* on deck - the mast end of the pole had dropped to the deck. Turns out the flopping jib/pole combination broke the track on the mast. Great, so we were then engineless, jib was flopping around in little to no wind and now the pole was being dragged across the deck every time we rolled from a wave. All in the dark.

Jason managed to fiddle a few wires and get the engine started. We rolled up the jib and got the pole secure enough that it would last the night and we could deal with it once it got light out. But now with the fluky engine, we've decided not to turn off the motor until we hit port - just in case it doesn't want to start again. We've got enough diesel to get us there, so we'll be good, but it will be nice to get into port to sort this stuff out.

On a happy note, I've discovered that Jason's illustrious college career did gain him at least one thing: he can make ramen noodles like nobody's business.

43 01.660N 125 09.542W

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Tammy said...

Hi Christy and Jason ~ So glad you made it to Crescent City safe and sound.

Sorry to hear the news of your friend. Glad you are able to attend the serivces.

Wish you the best of sailing down the coast with no more DVLPG GALE on the WeatherFax.

We are still working away, but will soon be sailing again. And, thanks for the three words!