S/V Hello World's Travel Log

the ice cream truck of the sea

We've had three sets of Dall porpoises playing all around the boat as we motored along headed south (one of which was at night, looking like mini comets in the phosphorescence). They were probably having as much fun playing in the bow wake as we had watching them. Assuming that, I've decided that we are the ice cream truck of the sea. The juvenile porpoises can hear the jingle of our prop as we slowly make our way down their neighborhood. "Please can I go play in the bow wake Mom, PLEASE??"..."I don't know, go ask your father". Finally, the adults relent and the whole family heads for the boat. And in the end, the adults have just as much fun as the kids.

38 46.881N 124 03.153W

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Sailfast said...

Greetings from Germany...glad to hear things are going well. Love, the 'rents

Anonymous said...

I want what you drank!

Tim W said...

Oh how we miss seeing those Dall's - it's been several years for us... enjoy the show for us.

KenVadnais said...

Love it!

Jeff said...

give the porpoises a kiss