S/V Hello World's Travel Log

leaving crescent city

We're finally ready to leave Crescent City! Laundry is done. Showers done. The boat is washed, staysail stay secured, water tanks are full, diesel tanks are full and the weather looks good. We're shooting to run all the way to San Francisco on this hop which means sailing past the daunted Cape Mendocino. The weather looks pretty good for this stretch. We will likely motor past Mendocino unless we get some surprise wind. We don't really want surprise wind on this leg, thankyouverymuch.


Anonymous said...

I'm excited to see you guys. Keep me updated on ETA.

Be safe!


ben said...

Mendocino was wild when I went down the coast. +1 to Be Safe. (And have some fun!).

Finally getting a roller furling this week - no more death walks on the bow.

You guys rock - it's been fun following your adventures.