S/V Hello World's Travel Log

left seattle! (question mark)

After a cavalcade of problems and frustrations and some serious consideration to renaming our vessel S/V Hello Shilshole Marina, we have absolutely positively (probably) reached escape velocity necessary to exit Seattle's gravitational pull on our way to Mexico.

We would have never reached this point without massive amounts of help from friends, family, and even strangers we now count as friends. Thanks never cuts it but that's what we can offer at this point. Soon we'll start repaying our debts in Mexican lodging and cervesas.

Until then, thanks all.

47 45.540'N 122 27.919'W


Anonymous said...

The coordinates you give show you just off President Point south of Kingston, so either you did in fact make it away from Shilshole, or your GPS still shows you off the west coast of Vancouver Island and you just made a wild-ass guess. Hopefully you had a trouble free day and are sitting in PT relaxing.

The Chatty Housewife said...

Hopefully you are well on your way! I kept my eyes open for you every time we went out, but no luck. :)

Tim and Dorothy said...

By the location you've posted I see that you did make it out of Shilshole and into the pea-soup FOG... Glad to hear that you made it to Pt. Townsend ok. Great blog - I'll send link to Butine's.
Tim 'Hip Hop'