S/V Hello World's Travel Log

neah bay

What a long, strange trip it's been.

We thought we already did our shakedown trip this summer. We were wrong. After being in the boat yard, we've dealt with these calamities:

* We splashed after a week and a half in Canal Boatyard in Seattle. We noticed a bad metallic rattle from the drive train as soon as we splashed. We delayed an extra three days to diagnose said rattle. We hauled out again to check everything and got 19 opinions on the matter. Best guess? Dripless shaft seal wasn't properly burped. Haven't heard it since leaving Seattle.

* On our way up to Port Townsend, our tenants that rent our townhouse called to let us know water was coming out of the ceiling. We sent a plumber out to find out that we now need thousands of dollars of plumbing work done to the place.

* Rounding Marrowstone Point heading into Port Townsend, the engine oil pressure alarm went off. All of our engine oil was now in the bilge. Sailed in to PT and anchored under sail. Problem was an oil filter that either wasn't seated properly or the seal was broken. Replaced oil filter and oil. Now all the oil stays in the engine.

* Anchored in Port Townsend off the breakwater for the Boat Haven Marina when a fresh southerly kicked up. 35 knots of wind with three to five foot seas. Two other boats in the anchorage dragged anchor and washed up on shore. Our 73 pound Rocna held like a champ.

We decided we needed to get out of PT as the next windstorm was coming that night so we caught the 6:00PM ebb tide and made a night run to Port Angeles. Left early from Port Angeles and caught the next ebb out to Neah Bay. We went straight to the fuel dock to top off our tank. As we went to leave, starter wouldn't work. Reseated some electrical connections and now it starts fine.

It looks like we might have a few days in Neah Bay waiting for northwesterlies so maybe the good luck fairy will have some time to get her lazy ass over here and throw us a bone.

48° 22.253'N 124°37.117'W

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Baraka said...

So, strangely enough on Saturday when I went to diagnose our oil leak issue, I found our oil filter loose and puking oil into the bilge as well. Must be a common issue with Shilshole boats.
Glad you are dealing with the issues and continuing the forward momentum. Let me know if I can fix any other problems by doing nothing, I seem to have the gift.

Paul O. said...

Next storm at PT washed ANOTHER boat up on the beach. We got to see you guys leaving from point Wilson!

Tim W said...

Keep that great sense of humor... I don't know how much more could possibly go wrong, but I'm hoping the "good luck fairy" is now ready to give you her full attention - you deserve that. Can hardly wait for the next installment. ;-)

Scot R said...

Well I'm glad to see the new head pipe I installed didn't come off (knocking on wood!). Better to have oil in the bilge than crap sloshing around in the birth! Perhaps pack some extra good Karma in that Ditch bag?

Jason said...

Greg - we told this story to another boat and they went down to check their oil filter. Loose and leaking. Glad we could be the canary in the mine for ya'll.

Paul - holy crap. I've had my fill of anchoring in PT thankyouverymuch. Ugh. That's cool you got to see us leave. Probably wouldn't have believed it if you hadn't seen it.

Tim - thanks for checking in! We've had better luck since leaving Neah Bay. And thanks for hooking us up with the other Caliber owners. Now that we're in port I need to catch up on their blog.

Scot - your head pipe install has been bristol. Held up very well, nicely done!