S/V Hello World's Travel Log

off cape elizabeth

We left Neah Bay yesterday afternoon. We had southerlies yesterday for a spell but died off overnight. We've been motoring ever since. Lots of fog this morning and with fog always comes loads of unidentified contacts on the radar screen. Lots of ducking what we assume were fishing boats. We are currently about 50 miles off shore due west of Cape Elizabeth on the Washington shore.

Hello World is doing well as are her occupants. Christy is chumming the waters every now and again but otherwise in good spirits. We're on a four hour watch schedule which seems to be going well so far. Saw a shark this morning. Guess we won't be going for that afternoon dip after all.

47 22.690N 125 37.773W

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ben said...

I'm surprised we didn't see you guys. We were out on Stella (83' schooner on the end of K dock) Thurs-Tuesday. Made it 80 miles off shore before we turned around and we temporarily anchored in Neah on Monday to have a diver removed a wrapped line from the prompt.

We tried to remove that ourselves with Brian, John (L dock) and I diving in 50 miles off shore ... holey shit that was cold!

I assume you know that, the further you go off shore the better the winds will be. Get off the shelf (about 60 miles out) and the winds should be steady.

Jason said...

I think I remember seeing you guys. You didn't anchor in the inner harbor though, right? I saw a big schooner anchored outside the harbor. Cool boat. Biggest damn chainplates I ever saw.

Funny enough, on this trip the winds were stronger inshore than off. The high pressure was getting squashed against the coast and producing better wind 10 to 15 miles off. We motored for more than half of this run.

ben said...

Yeah - we wrapped a line around the prop 80 miles off shore at 2am in 30mph winds so we anchored under sail right off the island at the entrance and called a diver (after John, Brain [owner] and I tried to dive offshore to cut it loose [seriously cold!]).

Funny thing is, that boat doesn't even need the stays - absurdly over built.