S/V Hello World's Travel Log

off the northern oregon coast

Hey kids! Just another alls well aboard Hello World. We're getting some nice wind from behind us at around 10 to 15 knots in 4 to 6 foot swell out of the northwest. We've been running under a poled out genoa for the last day making a decent 6 knots. Last night was more fishing boat dodgeball. At one point, I had 12 contacts on the horizon, all fisherman with their bright-as-the-sun klieg lights. But they generally don't move much or fast and are easy to see so it was no sweat.

Christy is feeling much better and digesting her food rather than hurking it up into the Pacific. Every seasickness med we've ever heard of ever doesn't work. (Yes, even that one.) So now she either lays down below decks or is up top staring at the horizon. Seems to be working. I think she's also starting to adjust to the motion.

This weather window has proven to be outstanding. We're reaping all of the sunshiney-north-winderly benefits of a coastal high pressure system right now and it looks like this will hold for the next day or two. There's a low pressure system that may start to rear its head off the coast of northern California. We're keeping a close eye on that. We have no plans to make landfall before San Francisco but a big swirling low pressure could easily change our mind. Right now we're about 85 miles off the coast of Oregon but we're going to run with the swell a little more today and come in closer. That will give us some options to tuck tail and come in if we need to or stay off.

45 24.092N 125 59.519W

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the updates. Glad things are going well. Lots o' love, MOM

Traveller said...

Glad all is going well. I feel for Christy. Motion sickness is a concern I have if/when I set off on my own trip.

BTW, I'm back from Iraq. I re-enter the civilian work force next week. I enjoyed your trip around Vancouver Island.

Fair Winds,

Jason said...

Hey Clark! Glad to hear you're safe and back from Iraq. I hope the re-entry goes well! Keep us up to date on your plans.