S/V Hello World's Travel Log

packing our ditch bag

No, not a douche bag...ditch bag. In preparing to head out to the big blue, it's wise to be ready for the unspeakable. For such a time, we have:
* a 4 person Avon liferaft - repacked and certified
* an EPIRB (emergency position indicator radio beacon) which will notify the coast guard of our position if we set it off (or if it goes underwater)
* our first aid kit packed in a pelican case with solas tape covering it
* and now, our ditch bag

These are the things we'll take if we need to abandon ship. It's a weird thing to do to pack a ditch bag. Thinking about us, in a liferaft, in seas that just sank our home and what we'll need. Here's what we decided to pack:
* sunscreen
* $200 cash
* copies of our passports
* swiss army knife
* sunscreen
* trail mix bars and summer sausage
* 1 gallon of water
* lighter
* extra clothes (pants and long sleeves)
* seasickness meds
* flashlight (with a strobe)
* handheld GPS
* handheld VHF
* extra batteries for all (lithium ion so they'll live a long shelf life - hopefully very very long)
* toilet paper
* pencil, pen, waterproof journals
* signal mirror
* flare bag (containing our flares and horns)

What would you bring?

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Sea Bungalow said...

Space blankets, fishing line and lures, pilot charts for the ocean your in, handheld compass, collapsable radar reflector, collapsable water jugs, raft patching kit, and of course duct tape.

Anonymous said...

Now that you are past Labor Day you may want to switch out the summer sausage for fall sausage.

JT said...

i'd skip the extra clothes because i'd likely either be wearing plenty while going down in a storm, or have time to get some if going down in calm weather.

ideally i'd add a small floating solar still.

no matter what, i'd add: glow sticks. whistle. SPOT locator. sea anchor.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

gatorade, medical kit, binoculars, hat, hard candy and an EPIRB and toothbrush and toothpaste.