S/V Hello World's Travel Log


We had arrived in Crescent City by ourselves on Sunday. By Tuesday we were surrounded by friends.

We heard our friends from Sidney, Keith and Olina on s/v Anon, talking to the Coast Guard so we expected their arrival. After moving over to C dock, we were joined later by Rose and Jani aboard their beautiful Hallberg Rassy, s/v Lovely Lady whom we had seen but not met in Neah Bay. And then Paul and Cherilee pulled in aboard s/v Kipuka, an Australian couple flying a British flag on a boat they bought in Seattle.

Rose and Jani had plans to rent a car and drive to the Redwoods and invited all of us along. Um... ok.

So it was that we piled in and test pilot Rose searched for the performance parameters of a mini-van loaded with eight sailors along the tight, windy not-overly-paved roads of the Redwood State Park. The first road we took was originally a covered wagon road so it wound through the trees rather than over the top of trees as American roads typically do.

We stopped for a few hikes, but far and away the most spectacular was Fern Canyon. 5 miles of trail led down into a canyon with vertical walls 30 feet high and completely covered with... wait for it... ferns. Very cool.

Both Kipuka and Lovely Lady have since left on their way south. Anon is still working through some autopilot difficulties but will likely take off soon.

That just leaves us sitting in Crescent City waiting for some new friends to show up.

Cozy mini-van.

Looking down the coast.

This was a crazy cluster of 10 redwood trees that formed a perfect circle.

Walking through the creek down Fern Canyon.

41°24'10.45"N 124°03'45.76"W


McKenzie said...

Ahoy there landlubbers, don't forget tomorrow is international talk like a pirate day. Since you actually live on a BOAT, I fully expect you to raise the jolly roger, don the eye patch and ARRRG, walk the plank!

JT said...

great pics!!!