S/V Hello World's Travel Log

san francisco

After anchoring in the rolly Sausolito anchorage, we decided to head over to Aquatic Park in downtown San Francisco for a few days of city life. Aquatic Park is an interesting bay right underneath the Ghiradelli Square sign that exists mainly for ocean swimmers. There is never not someone swimming around the anchorage. This means that they don't allow powerboats inside the anchorages.

Sailboats? Yes. Powerboats? No. We love it here already.

It's a tight anchorage so we called upon our experiences sailing around Vancouver Island and stern-tied to one of the pilings in the harbor. This keeps us from swinging into the multitude of little boats tied up to mooring balls throughout Aquatic Park.

We have been thoroughly enjoying San Francisco. We are within walking distance of all sorts of great places. We ransacked a used book sale at Ft. Mason, carting away 25 pounds of books for under $50. We took in a not-so-great (but free!) concert at Golden Gate Park before we learned of another concert (also free!) happening at the same time.

We've met up with scads of friends living in the Bay Area and will continue to meet up with folk for the next few days. We've walked to farmer's markets, Chinatown, little Italy, downtown. We are quickly falling in love with San Francisco. It's fast moving up on the Where Do We Live When We Run Out of Money And Have To Be Grown-Ups Again list.

The view of Ghiradelli Square at night from our boat.

Our nifty stern tie in Aquatic Park.

The Aquatic Park anchorage.

Our crew hanging out in Golden Gate Park watching the Train concert.

Fisher's got a new hat!

Riding back in Ryan's truck from Golden Gate Park.

Golden Gate Bridge.

Walking down the Golden Gate Bridge.

Watching a container ship go under the bridge.

Palace of Fine Arts.

37°48'29.72"N 122°25'31.27"W


Tracy said...

You guys have some really great pic's.

Tim W said...

I agree with you... SF is one of our favorites too. Great pictures!

Naomi said...

Sweet. Welcome to paradise. We've decided to stay another month here! We're in Sausilito...if you plan to stick around for a while, and would like to share stories (or a beer), get in touch. www.svrenova.blogspot.com.

Jason said...

Thanks Tracy and Tim! Our secret to photography is to go somewhere cool and then take pictures. :)

Naomi, wish we would have gotten this earlier. We're catching the weather window tomorrow in hopes of a smooth trip around Pt. Conception. Please do look us up as you go south. We don't move terribly fast. :)

Craig McPheeters said...

Its awesome to watch you two travel south, keep up with the posting when you get a chance. Its also cool that you met up with White Cloud! Totally envious of your whole cruising thing - hoping to follow next year!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you would remember me but I ran into you in the aquatic park. It is so wonderfull to see someone living the dream. Good sailing and hope to run into you some time in the future in a far off land.

Jim Richardson