S/V Hello World's Travel Log

bahia de los muertos

After three or four days, the norther blew itself out and we weighed anchor. We made north for Bahia de los Muertos to meet up with the whacky kids from s/v Stepping Stone. On the run north, we put out two hand lines in hopes of hooking some mahi mahi and whipping up some sushi. All we ended up with was two 1/2 pound bonitas (which we totally kept and barbeque'd because hey - we're not proud).

There's a beautiful (BEAUTIFUL) resort in the bay here called GranSueno which happens to be almost completely empty. So for the price of a cold Pacifico, 30 pesos, we were welcome to use their facilities. Including their waterslide, infinity pool, swim-up bar, beach, freshwater showers, pool table, and fantastic bar.

We hung out at the resort for a couple days, went for a hike, and snorkeled. We've spent some time at the local palapa bar, El Cardon, eating the galaxy's best nachos ever. This is the third anchorage in a row that we've got wifi.

This anchorage was also Kristin and Colin's jumping off point. They are headed to the windsurfing Mecca of La Ventana so they jumped ship here and muled all their stuff up the road in search of a ride. We loved having them on board, they were super fun. We can't wait to hear about their travels. Their blog is here:

Colin and Kristin's blog

Fair winds, guys!

Kristin and Colin walking the white sand beach of GranSueno Resort.

One of the private pools at the resort.

Sarah lining out Kristin and Colin about the trains in the bar.

The bar at GranSueno.

Christy reading in the bar's pool.

Kristin, Colin, Christy and Sarah at the top of the hill on our hike.

Chillin' at the palapa bar.

Taking Kristin and Colin and their camping gear and kite surfing gear into shore and onto their shoreside adventures.

23°59'36.27"N 109°49'37.65"W


Colin Franger said...

Thanks for everything guys. We sure had boatloads (ha) of fun. We will always look more fondly upon sailing because of HELLO WORLD, (if you know what we mean). We look forward to seeing you in the future. YOUR crew over and out.

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Mike Howard said...

looks like you guys are having a horrible time....lol.....ditto on jealousy :)