S/V Hello World's Travel Log

baja ha ha XVI in the bag

Our third and final leg of the Baja Ha Ha took us from Bahia Santa Maria to Cabo San Lucas. We had a great sail the first day and all night long. We had winds from 8 knots all the way up to 18 knots. Once the morning came around, the wind died and we flipped on the engine.

Christy caught yet another tasty fish, this one was either a yellowtail or yellowfin. Somehow, there's yellow involved in this fish's extremities. Whether yellow in the tail or fin, he tasted awesome. Kim put a call out on the Baja Ha Ha VHF net for a good ceviche recipe. The poobah's boat came back with a spectacular recipe that Kim whipped up. Yum.

On the second day after the wind died, we started hearing calls on the radio about 3 different boats that lost their engines and were bobbing around in the wind. We heard a 32 foot boat with a 22 horsepower engine offering to tow a Fuji 45 in our vicinity. Since we were close, Christy got on the horn and offered to pick up the tow.

We made our way over to s/v Peregrine about 10 miles to the west. Once their we took up the tow and hauled her about 25 miles into Cabo San Lucas, through the anchorage to a spot where we Peregrine could set her anchor. We called out to the Baja Ha Ha fleet for some assistance from someone with a 15HP engine on their dinghy. Somebody volunteered (of course, someone always volunteers in this community of boats) and came out to help Peregrine get her anchor set.

Once in Cabo, we headed into town for the annual We Cheated Death Again party at Squid Roe. Here's a tip: DON'T GO TO SQUID ROE. Ugh. It's everything you don't like about Las Vegas bottled up into a poorly translated, obnoxious Mexican night club. At one point, the waitress came by with a tray of jello shots and one by one would walk up to each person in our group, shove a jello shot down their throat, blow a whistle, tweak their nipples and slap their butt. At the end of this little show, she looked at us and said "Seventy dollars." We just got mugged by a cute little Mexican waitress wielding jello shots and a whistle.

We're not big fans of Cabo San Lucas in general. It's a party town accustomed to loads and loads of gringo money. A slip in the marina would have cost us $120USD. Per night. Everyone on the streets accosts us trying to sell us some crap. We got totally grifted by the immigration officer. If you want the Vegas experience, come to Cabo. But if you're looking for Mexico, I'd go elsewhere.

The Baja Ha Ha wrapped up with an awards ceremony which most notably had coolers and coolers of free beer. Our kind of party! They announced the results of each of the 14 divisions in the race. We got third place*!

People, Hello World is an ass-kicker and world beater.

We are offloading Kim on Tuesday to catch a flight back to the States. It's been so great having her on board. In hopes of possibly replacing her, we're bringing Colin and Kristin on board to crew with us up to La Paz. Colin and Kristin crewed aboard the Ingrid 38 s/v Allymar during the Ha Ha and are jumping on board Hello World for a week or so to get up to some kiteboarding hotspot near La Paz.

s/v Teal Sea, a CT54, broad reaching under all sorts of sails.


After hearing that a 32 foot boat was offering to tow a 45 foot boat into port, Christy got on the horn and offered the towing services of Hello World.

s/v Peregrine under tow.

Much better after we lengthened the tow line.

Coming around the cape into Bahia San Lucas.

At anchor in Cabo San Lucas.

22°53.367N 109°53.820W

* As it turns out, the other 15 boats in our division also got third place except the two boats that got first and second place.


Aaron said...

Did you hear any chatter on the radio when that J boat was sunk? Glad to hear that you guys are having fun and made it down safely without getting your ass kicked by a whale.
Good case for guns aboard ;)

Unknown said...

haha, Cabo sounds like Greece. People ready to rip you off at every corner. That fish looks great though! sort of jealous until I realize how seasick I generally get.

Nicola O. said...

I'm enjoying living vicariously through you two. The photos are wonderful -- love that last sunset!

Seven C's said...

"Colin and Kristin crewed aboard the Ingrid 38 s/v Allymar during the Ha Ha and are jumping on board Hello World for a week or so to get up to some kiteboarding hotspot near La Paz."

If you happen to see Ken on s/v Allymar again, tell him that s/v "Seven C's" says "Hi!"